Design Consulting Projects Partner Proposal

Design Consulting Projects Partner Proposal

The Illinois Tech Global Leaders Program is a free, two year academic enrichment program that empowers Chicago's young innovators to develop as leaders and make a difference in their communities. The program is seeking Chicago-area professionals, companies, and organizations to partner in providing in a unique educational opportunity during GLP's Summer Session.

Design Consulting Projects are completed over the course of six days in the summer. Partners identify a real challenge within their organizations that they would like a team of Scholars to address, leading to a mutually beneficial, real-world project during the month of July. Utilizing the Design Thinking problem-solving framework, Scholars address a diverse range of projects and collaborate with a corporate, public, or not-for-profit partner organization. For each accepted project proposal, multiple small groups of students will collaborate to design potential solution and present their prototypes to partner organizations.

DC Projects are intended to provide Global Leaders Program Scholars with exposure to STEM and/or community issues, experience contributing to a project in the real world, and a sense of how they can have a positive impact while using STEM skills. The best projects do not have one right or wrong solution. Instead, they pose a challenge that requires the creativity of bright young minds to address.

This form will help partners develop and propose a problem statement for our Scholars to address.

Please contact Luke Chitwood at or 312-254-6532 with any questions. For more information, visit

Thank you!